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The Impossible Quiz is one of the most exciting as well as exasperating games that you can play these days. It is a very cool arcade style game that will require that you use all your skills as a good puzzle solver. In order to complete the game you will have to provide correct answers to a number of questions. The only trouble is that some of the questions are so out of this world that you will be left feeling extremely puzzled about how to answer them in the proper manner.

the impossible quiz

 These crazy questions that are hard to answer are the reason why so few people ever manage to answer the questions in the proper manner. In fact, once you start playing the Impossible Quiz game you will find that you will have to keep retrying the game in order to find the correct answers.

the impossible quiz

 This is what makes the game very interesting but at the same time it can also cause a lot of frustration in your mind. You can play the game on your PC and you will need to make use of both the Mouse button as well as your Keyboard to provide the right answers.

the impossible quiz

The Impossible Quiz game can be both addictive and also very exasperating. You are sure to come across many questions that are hard to answer. Some questions give you three lives and others might give you just two lives. Each time you give a wrong answer you will lose a life. So, be careful about how you answer a question.


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